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DJ Rennie at 44Toronto (August 12, 2023)_080 by Malique Stone _msxx31.HEIC
DJ Rennie at 44Toronto (August 12, 2023)_080 by Malique Stone _msxx31.HEIC

About DJ Rennie

Lorenzo Evans, professionally known as DJ Rennie, is an upcoming DJ/Producer originally from St. Catharines, Ontario. His deep-rooted passion for music has been evident from a young age, and at 14, he started his musical journey by immersing himself in music production & artisrty, refining his skills and showcasing his natural talent.

In pursuit to advance his DJ career and reach new heights, Rennie made the move to Toronto in October 2022. The city provides him with ample opportunities to grow and expand his musical endeavours.

As Rennie's talent and reputation flourishes he finds himself gracing the decks at various clubs and parties all across Toronto.

With his versatile open-format style, Rennie effortlessly connects with diverse crowds, ensuring that every attendee experiences an unforgettable musical experience.

Driven by passion and an unyielding drive, Rennie has set his sights on the global stage. His aspirations extend beyond borders as he seeks to share his unique musical vision with audiences worldwide. Continuously pushing boundaries and actively seeking new opportunities, Rennie is ready to make a mark on the international DJing scene, leaving a lasting impact wherever his musical journey takes him.

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